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Elevating International Travel Finances: Mobile Wallet Experience


In today's globalized world, efficient financial management is crucial for travelers. This case study explores how a mobile wallet experience addresses common challenges faced during international travel, offering solutions that streamline transactions and enhance user convenience.


Travelers face the challenge of needing different cards for various expenses, each offering unique benefits and payment modes.

Also, users find it difficult to look into the individual card's expenses to choose between them.


The objective is to provide travelers with a versatile mobile wallet that adapts to their changing financial needs during travel.


A seamless and convenient solution for managing multiple cards, monitoring expenses, and accessing exclusive offers on the go.

Card Management

Easily switch between multiple cards tailored to different expense categories.

Budget Tracking

Real-time monitoring of daily, weekly, and monthly expenses to help users stay within their budgets.

Personalized Offers and Payment

Access to exclusive discounts and rewards on all the cards and option to compare them.

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